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and our ethos

Leadership is tough. In an increasingly complex global environment the pressures can be overwhelming. What kind of leaders are needed in this environment ?

Forge believes that the future will need leaders of character and integrity with insight and vision and above all credibility. Read on to find out more about our approach…..


When was the last time you stopped. Really stopped ? We believe that the greatest leadership insight comes from reflection, taking the time in a busy world to hear other voices and to listen to them. To be truly present and truly alive in relationships and to feel the heartbeat of those around you.


Do you really know who you are ? Have you invested in your own self-understanding ? Leaders are increasingly finding that the way to do is to be. To find your authentic voice you need to look inside yourself find restoration and be vulnerable.
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Inner strength

Suffering brings perserverance, perseverance character and character hope. Leaders of the future need an inner strength that will take the knocks and still get back up. Who live for a greater goal than themselves and who know the value that pain can be to the growth of individuals and organisations.
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Credibility for a leader means everything. It takes a lifetime to build and can be lost in a moment. It’s top of the list of what followers want to see in those they follow. It starts with understanding and articulating your values and beliefs. Then it requires a day by day living out by consistently doing what you say you will do. It also means being open to feedback, making yourself vulnerable, apologising and forgiving.
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We all want to be influential. Forge Leadership believes that your influence grows as you are clearer about your identity, act with integrity, find your inner strength and as a result are able to build relationships of influence in all areas of life.
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